The importance of having a realistic wedding budget will make planning your wedding a positive experience. The most important thing that a couple should remember when planning this special and beautiful celebration within your financial means should be a high priority. The Bride and Groom should sit down together and decide what about the wedding day should be special and important to both of you. Simply decide how much you can afford to spend on the wedding and have a frank conversation with all persons that will be involved and responsible for paying the expenses of your wedding.

What you do not want to do is to make wedding purchases that are emotional but are really not necessary and are not in your wedding budget. It is very easy to over spend when you see something that you absolutely feel that you must have. Being in debt when you are starting out a new marriage adds unnecessary stress and strain on your relationship and it is just not worth it. It is in the best interest that you avoid this pitfall of starting a new life together with unnecessary debt caused by over spending for your wedding. SET A WEDDING BUDGET AND STICK TO IT. REMEMBER IT’S YOUR DAY

Sheila S. Johnson  Owner of Bridal Package” The One-Stop Planning Service”


Today’s Brides

The Bride in today’s times tends to be more focused about life but when it comes to  weddings, starry eyes are still the rule.  The wedding should be a romantic and exciting memorable day. Brides want that special day to be a wonderful memory. The bride will need to understand that there will be some difficult choices that will have to be made. The final decisions on your wedding plans should be the brides and the grooms. Do not allow yourself to be persuaded to do anything that will make you the bride and groom feel uncomfortable. Your wedding day should be all that you have dreamed of.

Remember its your day, all the best Sheila.